Middle through High School Age Students

The Coming Up for AIR™ student presentation is mental health education geared towards students, middle school through high school age. It is a multi-modal presentation: PowerPoint, video, interactive discussion. It is approximately 60 minutes, depending upon class length, and can be offered during Physical Education, Health, Science and Studies/Humanities classes. The presentation can be delivered to individual classes, as well as a full auditorium of students. It is also available and recommended for Parent-Teacher-Student Associations and parent-only audiences.


  • What is a mental health disorder? What is not?
  • Stereotypes about mental health disorders
  • The prevalence of mental health disorders
  • Possible warning signs
  • Possible effects of improperly treated mental health disorders
  • One or two short stories of families affected by mental health disorders and/or suicide
  • What happens when mental health disorders are not addressed, e.g., self-medication, substance abuse
  • Warning signs and statistics of suicide
  • Myths vs. Facts regarding suicide
  • Resources

As of early 2019, more than 75,000 students have participated in Coming Up For AIR™ presentations across the United States. At the end of every presentation, between 6% to 17% of students speak up about their struggles and get help or identify friends about whom they are concerned.

We share the "TRIPLE SAFETY NET" to help identify those at-risk students. This includes:

1. Silicone wristband with hotline card for students

2. In Crisis Card for students

3. Safe Talk Sticker for Teachers

Teachers can also receive:

•       Signs of Suicide Poster

At least one certified AIR Therapy Dog will accompany the presenter. Each therapy dog handler is Youth Mental Health First Aid certified. Students can also receive AIR Dog Trading cards with hotline information. 

Click on the link below to schedule a presentation or write to for more information.